Battle of–'Chickamauga'–Sep. 19th & 20th 1863 / under Col. W.E. Merrill.


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Merrill, W. E. (William Emery), 1837-1891. CREATED/PUBLISHED [1864] NOTES Relief shown by contours, spot heights, and gradient tints. Shows roads, rivers, and streams. Does not show troop positions. Note at upper left: Companion sheet to the other map marked No. 61–The other map represents the positions of the troops at the battle of Chicamauga [sic], the roads, woods & fields, but does not represent the irregularities of the surface. This map represents the roads, rivers, and irregularities of the surface as developed by contour lines and heavy tints on the lower portions of the ground, the highest elevations being untinted. The two maps are from the same original and agree exactly in the roads and streams. This map was prepared as a guide to the draughtsman who might be employed to prepare the complete map of the Battle of Chicamauga [sic]. By carefully studying the contour lines and tints on this map an accurate map with hachures may be made of the ground. If then the locations of the troops are taken from the other map the battle map will be complete. W. E. M. [i.e., William E. Merrill]. Note added to map at lower right after it was drawn: Engineer Department Dec. 5, 1865. Recd. with Col. Merrills letter of Nov. 17, 1865.

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