America Septentrionalis a Domino d'Anville in Galliis edita nunc in Anglia


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Coloniis in interiorem Virginiam deductis nec non Fluvii Ohio cursu aucta notisque geographicis et historicis illustrata et ad bellum praesentis temporis accomodata. Sumptibus Homannianorum Heredum. Homann Erben (Firm) CREATED/PUBLISHED Noribergæ, 1777. NOTES Scale ca. 1:6,500,000. Hand colored. Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridian: Ferro and London. Place names and descriptive notes in English. Appears in author's Atlas geographicvs maior. 1753-59 [i.e. 1781; v. 1, 1759] Includes German text relating to English and French territorial claims.

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