CD Collection Map Quality


Here are some examples of the level of enlargement that is possible with the MrSid Viewing Application.

It clearly shows how it goes from postcard sized to incredible detail.

(Smallest size of this image)

(Small portion enlarged 2 times)

(Small portion enlarged 4 times)

(Small portion enlarged 5 times – this enlargement represents the full
original size of the map when printed at full scale.)

As you can see from the series of images, each map contains a wealth of interesting details to explore.

CD collections are great for the entire family. Here are just a few possibilities

  • The CD is a great way to study the history of your town or city with your children.
  • Imagine being able to look at a map this old and being able to find your childhood (or even current) house.
  • And what a great gift for the family historian or geneaologist to be able to see the old neighborhoods exactly as they were.
  • And imagine the thrill of being able to share this map CD as a gift to your relatives to bring back memories of the good old days and remember old friends in their childhood neighborhood.

Here are the computer requirements to run and operate the map CD collections.

  • You must have a PC or Mac.
  • Additionally, you will need to install the special viewing software which is included on your CD.
  • Mac software is seperate.
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