The Seat of War


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Louis Prang and Company. CREATED/PUBLISHED Boston c1861. NOTES Various scales. Reference: LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 17 Containing a map of the vicinity of Washington, Baltimore, Harper's Ferry and Annapolis, with five mile distance lines from Washington. Map showing the railroad routes, coast lines and forts, between Boston and Norfolk harbor; map of Norfolk harbor, Fort Monroe and vicinity, with 1 mile distance lines from Ft. Monroe; Map of the vicinity of Richmond. Small map of the Atlantic states, showing the R.road connections; diagram of the camp at Cairo. Plan of Haper's Ferry! Portraits of Gen. B.F. Butler, the late Col. E. Ellsworth, &c. Includes portraits of Andrew Jackson and Gen. Winfield Scott rather than those of Gen. B. F. Butler and Col. E. Ellsworth.

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