Colton's rail-road and military map of the United States, Mexico, the West Indies, &c.


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Colton, J. H. 1800-1893. (Joseph Hutchins), CREATED/PUBLISHED New York, 1862. SUMMARY Detailed general map of portions of North America framed in decorative borders showing drainage, international and state boundaries, cities and towns, forts, railroads in operation, and proposed lines. [From published bibliography] NOTES Scale ca. 1:6,500,000. Relief shown by hachures. Shows slave holding states. Includes census information for 1860. Insets: Colton's map of the Americas, Africa and a portion of Europe showing the Atlantic and part of the Pacific oceans.–New Orleans and delta of the Mississippi, Louisiana.–Mobile harbor, Alabama.–Key West and Tortugas, Florida reefs.–Wilmington and vicinity, N. Carolina.–Beaufort and vicinity, N. Carolina.–Norfolk, fortress Monroe, James River, Richmond, Petersburg &c &c.–Map of Charleston, Port Royal & Savannah vicinities.–Washington, Manassas Junction, Harpers Ferry, Baltimore, Annapolis &c &c.

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