Civil War Prints

In the 1880's the Louis Prang & Co. of Boston published an important commemorative series of pictures depicting famous battle scenes of the Civil War. There have been many early paintings and prints illustrating scenes of the Civil War, however, none have been more popular or more acclaimed by critics than the chromo-lithographs of Louis Prang.

Each Civil War Print is printed on high quality, archival-grade paper ready-to-frame and is shipped in a heavyweight cardboard tube.

Please Note: ALL Civil War Prints are 18" x 24" unless otherwise stated.

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Battle of Antietam
President Lincoln sent General McClellan in pursuit of the Confederate invaders, converging with ..
Battle of Chattanooga
Union General Grant had recently arrived in Chattanooga with reinforcements to break the Confeder..
Battle of Fredericksburg
Before dawn on December 11, Union soldiers and engineers began to launch and fasten together pont..
Battle of Gettysburg
The climax of the Battle of Gettysburg came on the afternoon of July 3rd, 1863. Confederate Lt. G..
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
Confederate artillery on the heights of Kennesaw Mountain rains shells down on General Logan's Un..
Battle of Mobile Bay
Union Admiral Farragut with his armada of warships and ironclads steams into Mobile Bay on August..
Battle of Port Hudson
Port Hudson, Louisiana was strategically important to protect Vicksburg, Mississippi farther up t..
Battle of Shiloh
On April 6, 1862 the Confederates made a surprise attack on Union troops at Pittsburg Landing in ..
Battle of Spotsylvania
The "Bloody Angle" took place at a strategic crossroads that controlled the shortest route to Ric..
Kearsarge and Alabama
This view is from the deck of the Union ship "Kearsarge" as it sinks the Confederate raider "Alab..
Sheridan's Charge at Winchester
Union General Grant put Philip Sheridan in charge of the Army of the Shenandoah to dispose of the..
Siege of Vicksburg
General Grant ordered Union troops to attack Confederate defenses at several points simultaneousl..
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